The Petal Edition Gift Box

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Gucci's got the perfect combination for the pink lover! 

This set includes a limited-edition trio with a blush, highlight, and lip balm in Petal—the fan-favorite shade of rosy pink for your cheeks, lips and lids. 

BLUSH STICK: The original Baby Cheeks blush shade is now housed in a new glossy black stick. Dab it onto cheeks, lips, and eyelids. For a flushed effect use the baby blender and bring skin instantly to life.

NEW LIT UP in PETAL: A twist on our classic gel highlighter stick, this version gives an authentic, radiant, glowy finish with a little bit of boosted rosiness. 

A swipe of new Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm in Petal adds a lip-boosting rosy tint—and tons of moisture-rich treatment benefits. 

Worn together, the trio creates that "I don't really wear makeup but I want to look amazing effect," says Gucci. "That's the Petal Edition."